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Journal of Education for International Understanding. Vol. 15, No. 1, 2020

A Study on the Objectives and Contents of ESD Reflected in the 2015 Revised Curriculum of Primary School
초등 2015개정교육과정에 포함된 지속가능발전교육(ESD) 관련 목표와 내용 탐색
J. Educ. Int. Underst. 2020;15(1):1-31.
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The Achievements and Tasks of the Global Citizenship Education University Course Development Project
세계시민교육 대학 강좌개설 지원사업의 추진 성과와 과제
J. Educ. Int. Underst. 2020;15(1):33-59.
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A Qualitative Case Study on Multicultural Learning of Overseas Volunteers
해외봉사활동 참여자의 다문화 학습에 관한 사례연구
J. Educ. Int. Underst. 2020;15(1):61-90.
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An analysis on the types of global citizenship among the pre-service secondary teachers and the determinant factors
중등 예비교사의 세계시민의식 유형과 결정요인 분석
J. Educ. Int. Underst. 2020;15(1):91-122.
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